PH balanced shower gels

20 Feb

To be able to pick the right shower gel you should definitely pick one that is PH balanced. We like to take a shower at least once a day, so the skin can be easily irritated if you are using the “normal” gels from regular stores.
I realized that I am allergic to the shower gels because every time after the shower I got some red spots that were itching. Then I decided to try several natural shower gels from the pharmacy and went to the doctor to try to solve my skin problem. Nor the skin doctor or the products from pharmacy were helpful to me. Therefore I went to an organic store.
There you can find several brands:
– Dr. Hauschka, which is quite expensive brand but very very good
– Jason, it is quite good
– faith in nature is my favorite one. It has different flavors and is PH balanced
– Weleda, really nice smell and good to the skin
My favorite one are the shower gels from faith in nature:

Faith in Nature Seaweed Shower Gel

Key Benefits


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