Unique Vintage Dresses by Susi Sweet Dress

19 Mar

Susi Sweet Dress had once a great idea… to sell unique vintage dresses in distinguished locations around the cities in Spain.  

The idea for the markets came from her enjoyment of sharing the vintage dresses and accessories she discovered on her travels around the world with her friends. But she always ran out! And consequently there was always someone left to dress.

So she decided to take the idea one step further: to bring back more vintage dresses and look for more people who would be interested in coming along to markets similar to the ones she had previously put on for her friends.

This is how Susi Sweet Dress was born…

Susi Sweet Dress is the combination of various unique experiences: on the one hand its a distinctive, fashionable, shopping experience on the other hand it’s a place to find that unique dress that no one but you will wear.

Like everything unique and special, they are surrounded by mystery. There are no Susi Sweet Dress shops, no vendors, and no one knows when the next market will be. They are pop up stores that are broadcast by word of mouth, via e-mail, facebook, twitter, blogs and fashionable newsletters.

But when you go to a Susi Sweet Dress market you’ll find a fantastic selection of unique vintage style dresses and skirts, blouses and accessories, that suit everyone and that will make you feel good inside and out.

To get information where the next Susi Sweet Dress market will take place send her an email on susisweetdress@yahoo.com and check out her website http://www.susisweetdress.com and her facebook fanpage https://www.facebook.com/susisweetdress 


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