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Visual Merchandising Baby and a Table

30 Apr



Vincon, Barcelona

My first created outfit for the summer

29 Apr
My first created outfit for the summer

Orla Kiely cotton dress
$445 –

Merona white hat

Monday Art and Music -Time

29 Apr



El Día de Sant Jordi in Barcelona – Love is in the air

27 Apr



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Every year on April 23rd is el día de Sant Jordi in Barcelona.

On this special day guys are giving roses for their girlfriends and girls are giving books to their boyfriends.You can feel the LOVE in the AIR and no matter where you go this day, you can smell the scent of roses everywhere.

Couples are meeting each other for lunch, kissing each other in the middle of the streets and the whole city seems to fall in LOVE that day.

For everyone who wants to know the story behind here you:

According to myth a dragon terrified the small village Montblanc in the south-west of Barcelona. The dragon ate all the animals of  Montblanc and when there were no animals left, he started to eat the people of the village, especially young pretty girls. The village chose each year a person to satisfy the hunger of the evil dragon. One day the name of the young princess came up. Finally, she was choosen to be the next meal for the dragon.

Totally schoked by the notice, the princess finally get herself ready for the dragon, waiting for him and counting her last hours. When Saint George heard the the lovely princess will be eaten by the dragon, he jumped on his horse to ride to the village and to rescue the princess. Luckily, he arrived exactly at that moment when the dragon came. In the last moment after figthing with the dragon for hours he killed the evil dragon with his sword by punshing the sword in the dragon’s heart. As the dragon start bleeding roses came out from his heart.


Día de Sant Jordi on April 23rd is at the same time the day of the rose (symbol of the blood of the dragon) and the day of International Book Day (both Cervantes and Shakespeare died on april 23rd in 1616).

Visual Merchandising Nature, Girl and a Swing

25 Apr



Fira per la Terra en Barcelona

23 Apr

People of all ages and nationalities celebrate Earth Day every April by planting trees and watching or participating in various environmental demonstrations.

The city of Barcelona celebrates the international Earth Day on 22nd April every year with a two day eco-fair and market called “La Fira per la Terra”.

Local vendors promote the environment-friendly production of goods. There you can find many unique pieces which are merchandised and produced in Spain.

Guests can enjoy organic food followed by live music and entertainment for kids and adults.

La Fira per la Terra takes place in Parc de la Ciutadella and on the street Passeig Lluís Companys by the park on the weekend nearest to 22nd April, which is usually 21st and 22nd April. The market is free to attend.

Here are some pictures of La Kukita’s visit of this year’s “La Fira per la Terra” in Barcelona.



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Visual Merchandising Beautiful Dresses

22 Apr





Monday Art and Music

22 Apr



Gorgeous Hair for ever

20 Apr

Wan to keep your gorgeous hair for a long time? Then you should treat them nicely :-). Especially when it comes to brushing your hair every day.

Here my advice: Use natural hair brushes (boar bristles) ONLY!

Here reasons why:

– they are gently to your hair

– they are easier on hair than plastic brushes

– they redistribute oils throughout hair making them shine

There are two types of brushes:

– round brush (great for blowouts)

– paddle brush (best for detangling)

Brushes for different hair:

– for normal to thick hair consider a brush with a mix of nylon and natural bristles

– for fine to normal hair is a brush with natural bristles alone the best

– for coarse, thick hair consider an all-nylon hairbrush (which is stronger)




There are many natural bristle brushes on the market, you can find them in professional hair stores.

You feel the difference from the first brush and your hair will thank you for that… 😉

La kukita’s outfit Hippie Style

19 Apr




Here you go this is my favourite Hippie Style, maxi dress and a straw hat…Summer can comeee!!!

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