Boys boys boys…and their underwear

3 Apr

Guys now listen carefully…As much as you love to see a woman wearing sexy lingerie, the more a woman want to see the man in a nice underwear…
For us girls it is important to see the whole package…:-)
So get yourself trendy pants…
Here some advices:

Girls love to see you wearing:
– pants (we LOVEEEE to see them on you!! It covers exactly what it needs to be covered)
– slips are coming into fashion again (since Mr. Beckham is wearing them for Armani and H&M)
– colours and different prints (we are bored with white and black, show more colours in your underwear)

Girls hate to see you wearing:
– boxershorts (especially when they are too large and nothing is in the place where it should be)
– cartoons (please leave your heroes from childhood at home)
– old stuff (you don’t have to run and buy underwear every month, but it would be nice if you could buy new underwear at least twice a year and throw the old ones away)


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