Gorgeous Hair for ever

20 Apr

Wan to keep your gorgeous hair for a long time? Then you should treat them nicely :-). Especially when it comes to brushing your hair every day.

Here my advice: Use natural hair brushes (boar bristles) ONLY!

Here reasons why:

– they are gently to your hair

– they are easier on hair than plastic brushes

– they redistribute oils throughout hair making them shine

There are two types of brushes:

– round brush (great for blowouts)

– paddle brush (best for detangling)

Brushes for different hair:

– for normal to thick hair consider a brush with a mix of nylon and natural bristles

– for fine to normal hair is a brush with natural bristles alone the best

– for coarse, thick hair consider an all-nylon hairbrush (which is stronger)




There are many natural bristle brushes on the market, you can find them in professional hair stores.

You feel the difference from the first brush and your hair will thank you for that… 😉


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