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Sunsmiles – create your own flip flops

30 May

Are you looking for new flip flops? Want to wear something special this summer?

Here you go…Be creative and do your own flip flops. You are asking yourself how it works and what do you need for that?

Here the solution: A store that is called Sunsmiles provides all the materials (flip flops, accessories etc.) and tools that you need to create your own flip flops.

The company Sunsmiles is originally from Cancun, Mexico and now is opening more stores in Europe. They also provide the materials through an online shop.

For more information check out their website:


So what are you waiting for??? Funk up & brighten​ your wardrobe with the fabulous summer flip flops.

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Summer Trend 2013 – Cropped Tops and Ear Cuffs

29 May



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Monday Art and Music – Diamond View

27 May

Red Finger2

Heart Gold2 Hand

Heart3 Heart2

Boy4  Boy2 Boy3 Girl2 Girlie

DraakSlae: Country Boy

Visual Merchandising Spring in Barcelona

24 May


Carolina Herrera, Barcelona


Mango, Barcelona


Desigual, Barcelona



Diesel, Barcelona

IMG_1610 IMG_1612

Guess, Barcelona


Stradivarius, Barcelona

Monday Art and Music – Hola BCN

20 May

CIMG5040 CIMG5041 CIMG5042 CIMG5043 CIMG5039

DIY – Earrings made by La Kukita

19 May

161 159

011 012

It is sunday and it rains…Unusual for Barcelona…So I was thinking what do to with my day either have a lazy sunday or do something fun…Then an idea came into my mind, why not recycle my earrings and do new ones. Unique style the way I like.

Here you go some pictures of my results…And it is sooo simple, just take some old earrings and necklaces and start creating new ones…

Visual Merchandising – Summer and Surfing

14 May

CIMG5173 CIMG5175 CIMG5096

Monday Art and Music – Magic

13 May

CIMG5177 CIMG5178 CIMG5180 CIMG5183 CIMG5184

 Music by Kaay Song: Flowers & birds


Makamaka – Sunday Fun

12 May


Visual Merchandising White painted window

10 May



Vincon, Barcelona

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