The Label Golld

9 May

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Are you a business woman? Are you as well tired of mass made clothes?  You are looking for something special to wear?  A piece that you can wear in your professional engagements but also at social events after work?

Then the label GOLLD ist the right fit for you.

The label GOLLD is a Swedish/Spanish label that designs and manufactures clothes in Europe. A team of Swedish, Spanish and English designers is making sure you are getting the latest trends you are looking for.

The collection is aimed at the discerning woman who wants to look good both in her professional engagements and at social events after work. The clothes are elegant and feminine with well cared for details.

All GOLLD clothes are made in Barcelona and the materials are coming from Spain, Italy and France. The European focus is a philosophy of consciousness for the label GOLLD. They only want to serve their customers with the finest products and guarantee the client ethically produced garments, by fairly treated labour.

The garments are exclusive, both in terms of the selection of materials and staff, but also in the amount of production. For each collection the label GOLLD makes only a very limited number of model. In that way each client receives a more unique garment.

For more information check out the webpage: and the facebook page:


One Response to “The Label Golld”

  1. katti May 10, 2013 at 9:20 am #

    Just found the collection yesterday and I am in love. The problem is just to choose between all these must have! 🙂

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