DIY – Ear Cuffs by La Kukita

9 Jun

Last week I posted about the Summer Trend 2013 – Cropped Tops and Ear Cuffs:

That post inspired me to do to my own ear cuffs. I love the results!!! And I hope you will like it as well. 🙂


Unbenannt 029027

If you also want to be creative and make your own ear cuffs read this simple steps.

First of all you need the following things:

  • pliers
  • wires
  • accessories


Cut a little bit of the wire and start spinning both sides of the wire. Measure your ear and see if the ear cuff fits to your ear size. Now you have the basic of the ear cuff done.

Take another wire and spin it over the ear cuff. Now you can add accessories to your ear cuff. Remember always to spin the added accessories.

004 005 006

 At the end add some feathers to your ear cuffs.





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