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DIY – Heart and Angelwings Bracelet

29 Aug


DIY Steps:

You need: Jewelly (here a heart and angelwings) and red cord.

Cut two red cords and tight the ends to the heart/angelswings as showed in the pictures. READY!!!! So simple, so fast!



IMG_0223 IMG_0224IMG_0225


La Kukita

Monday Art and Music – Face

26 Aug

CIMG5605 CIMG5606


Where can you try the best tapas in Barcelona?

24 Aug

You are for a short visit in Barcelona? You want to try the best tapas that the city has to offer?

Then this is the place:

Restaurante Catalana in Carrer de Mallorca 236, Barcelona, between Rambla de Catalunya and Balmes (walking distance to Metro Diagonal and Metro Passeig de Gracia).

This place is soo good, no wonder that it got a Best Tapas Award in 2010. Though prices are not low, it is always crowded, which says much in favor of the quality of the offer.

It comes with beautiful terasse and enough space for eating inside. Unfortunately you can not reserve a table, so my advice come earlier to catch the best seat for your food enjoyment. 🙂

Catalana Logo




La Kukita

La Kukita’s style – Sweet Candy Rock Chick

20 Aug





Tshirt: Jack Daniels

Shorts: Levi’s Vintage Shorts

Shoes: Primark

Earrings & Necklaces: La Kukita

Watch:  Amazon

DIY – Summer Pink Shorts

13 Aug

Are you enjoying the summer time as much as me? 🙂 What colour looks amazing on sun kissed skin? Definitely the colour PINK and GOLD. Because of the fact that those colours are my favourite ones I got inspired and did my own summer pink shorts.

Here is the result:




If you like to create your own summer shorts, here you go the instructions:

You need:

– white shorts ( I bought mine in Primark for less than 10 Euros)

– Liquid dye (I bought mine from the brand DYLON, which I can recommend)

– regular Sea Salt (you can find it in every supermarket)

– Studs (I bought 100 studs on

– Bucket


My DIY Steps:

1. Boil water first

2. Put around 100 – 200 ml boiled water into a bucket


3. Put DYLON liquid dye into the boiled water. The water should be covered with the pink colour

( I put all the DYLON liquid dye, so I got really pink shorts. If you prefer your  shorts a little bit lighter just put half of it)

4. Wear gloves and put your white shorts into the coloured water


5. Leave your shorts for approx. 5 – 10 minutes in the water and move them around to make sure that all sides of the shorts get the colour pink

6. After 5 – 10 minutes put the shorts out and wash them by hand with warm water until the water is clear. (That takes a while…around 10 minutes)

7. Leave the shorts to dry. Put them in the shadow, not in the sunshine. (Sunshine can change the colour of the shorts)

8. Once the shorts are dry you can put studs and do cut – offs in the shorts. (See pictures below)


How to make successfull cut-offs into shorts?

1. Mark where you want to make the cut – offs with a pensil

2. Cut along the marked lines

3. Take a pincette and start pulling out the strings from the fabric



At the end you should get this result below:



After all the steps your shorts are done…hope you like the result as much as I do!!!


La Kukita

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