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DIY Art – Turning School Supplies to Art

3 Sep

I found this DIY idea by an accident and it really caught my attention.  A simple way to create art using school supplies, like wax pastels (crayon).




Pictures: DIY Melted Crayons Wall Art Creation 


The steps:

  • Glue the wax pastels (crayon) on a white paper image
  • Use a heater to let the wax pastels melt slowly



Picture: DIY Melted Crayons Wall Art Creation 


The result is amazing and it is really easy to do it!

Remember, your imagination has no limits!


DIY Beauty – Coconut and Sesame Oil

22 Aug

DIY Beauty – Coconut and Sesame Oil

Before I recommend something to others I like to try it out myself first, especially when it comes to beauty advice.

Therefore, you can be sure that I am not just posting something that I heard or read about, but I tried it myself and have seen positive results. I would like to share my positive experience of two oils, coconut and sesame oil for making you more beautiful than you already are.

The most important thing is that you should use natural coconut and sesame oil. You find the oil in a Health Food Store.


Coconut Oil


When I lived in Ireland I went to a Health Food Store to look for organic hair masks. I could not find  any and so I went to ask the lovely shop assistant if they have any available in-store. She told me I should try a simple and effective natural hair mask – Coconut Oil. I followed her advice and I can tell you that the effect is amazing and I love the coconut scent it leaves in my hair.

Coconut Oil + Hair

In the evening, wash your hair with shampoo once (I usually wash my hair twice with shampoo, therefore I wash my hair only applying the shampoo once) so all the dirt from the hair can be washed out. Take some coconut oil (if it is not liquid, warm it up in a bowl) and apply to your wet hair. Then close your eyes and do a small head massage. The smell of the coconut oil and the head massage will relax you and give you a good feeling. Once you are done with the head massage, leave the oil in your hair and put a cotton towel over your pillow before you go to sleep. Working with oil can be messy and therefore it is better to cover your pillow, so it stays clean. During an 8 hours sleep the oil has the chance to benefit our hair the most.  The only thing that you have to do is just have a good night’s rest.

In the morning you should wash the coconut oil out of your hair and wash your hair at least twice. Therefore, you can make sure that the oil gets out of your hair and you will not have any oil residue in your hair. Trust me! If you don’t wash it well enough, your hair will look oily and this is not the effect you want to have.

After washing your hair, just dry it normally, by avoiding the use of any chemical products. You will see the effect immediately.

The effects that I experienced were:

  • I could brush my long hair easier
  • My hair looked more shiny and healthier (for the whole summer long I did not use any chemical products to protect my long blonde hair, just coconut oil)
  • Applying the coconut oil once a week I could see that my hair grew faster



Coconut Oil



Coconut Oil + Body

The good thing about the coconut oil is that you could use it not only for hair but apply it to your whole body. Before taking a shower apply the coconut oil and then take the shower without using too much shower gel or soap. The reason why you should use it before the shower is, that the oil needs to combine with water and then it has the powerful effect. You could also apply the oil after taking a shower. You just have to make sure, that you apply the oil before drying your body with the towel.

The coconut oil smells good and makes your body look good. Besides that it provides your body with enough moisture.

Coconut Oil + Make-up Remover

This is the perfect make-up remover for me. Take a make–up remover pad and wet it. Put a drop or two of the coconut oil on the pad and apply it on your face to remove make–up. It works perfectly by removing make-up from your eyes and face. Another positive effect is that your eyelashes will grow faster.


Sesame Oil




This oil has been used for hundreds of years. If you are familiar with Ayurveda medicine, the traditional Hindu medicine, you will know that they used sesame oil to heal their bodies.


Sesame Oil and the Body

Apply the oil exactly like the coconut oil. You will get a better effect when applying the oil before you take a shower.

Sesame oil has a neutral smell. Not only does it provide the body with enough moisture, it also helps you avoid infections.


Sesame Oil and the Nose – especially in the cold winter time

I got this useful advice from my grandma. Due to the climate conditions in the winter, not only does our skin suffer but also our nose. Our nose can dry out and therefore my grandma told me to use sesame oil as nose spay.  Just put the sesame oil in an empty nose spray bottle and apply it before going to bed.  It works perfectly for me and helps me to avoid getting sick.

Sesame Oil


Now you know my little beauty secret. I wish you a lot of enjoyment and enough time to relax!

La Kukita


DIY – Shoe Makeover

27 Mar



Black shoes, strong glue ( I used a special glue for shoes), felt ( I used the color dark red), yarn, round needle (It is easier to sew with a round needle) , scissors


  1. Measure the size of the felt so it covers the part of the shoe
  2. Double the felt and glue it
  3. Let it dry completely over the night
  4. Sew both ends of the felt on the shoe using the round needle


Black Shoes Done


DIY – Picture Collage

22 Mar



Pictures from a Fashion Magazine, Frame, Plastic Flowers, Scissors, Glue, Tesa Tape


  1. Look for pictures in a Fashion Magazine. I chose an old advertisement picture of the designer Bluemarine
  2. Cut the pictures out and glue them on your picture collage
  3. Place the transparent protective film over the picture
  4. Choose flowers you want to place it on your picture and stick them by using a tesa tape


Flower Picture


Trendy DIY Bags Ideas

19 Mar

Are you bored with using regular bags? Are you looking for something special?

Here is some inspiration for you:

Designer brands and grocery brands? This is hip right now. Designers create bags with the grocery labels on them. The results are great. If you don’t want to buy a designer bag, create your own bag.



Recycling is THE trend, so if you are short on cash, make a Capri – Sonne Juice bag. You just have to drink a lot of Capri – Sonne Juice and sew all the small bags together.

Looks pretty cool and is the perfect bag for the beach!



You’re clutch is too boring. Pimp it up with a little smiley face made out of Lego pieces.



As kids we had a star glitter plastic cup.  As grown ups we prefer to wear a butterfly glitter globe clutch. Get the box clutch on and create your own butterfly glitter globe clutch.

Kotur Social Butterfly Glitter Globe Clutch $395 at Shopbop


You can pimp up your bag by adding some fun accessories like the Minie Mouse or Daisy Duck.



Another idea is to use a plastic gummy bear as a clutch.

You can get the clutch from the designer Charlotte Olympia or a cheaper version from the website and decorate it as you want it.



Last but not least, just take an old black leather bag and write the message that comes up in your mind with a different color.



The only thing that counts is your creativity!


DIY – Leather clutch with ribbon and pearls

13 Mar

Pimp up your leather clutch with ribbon and white pearls

bild 1




white leather clutch, white ribbon, white pearls, transparent wire


  1. Measure your wrist so that you know how big you need to make the hanger
  2. Cut the transparent wire based on the measured size
  3. Make a knot and start putting white pearls into the wire
  4. Connect both ends of the wire and place the white ribbon at the end of both ends (you can also make your own ribbon)
  5. Connect it to the leather clutch by using a charm or a link

READY is your beautiful leather clutch with ribbon and pearls!!!


bild 2


DIY Studded Leather Jacket

26 Jan

Lederjacke 1

YOU NEED: Black Leather Jacket, Mix of Silver Studs (H&M)

YOU DO: Place the studs on the leather jacket

Jacke Collagen



DIY Winter Red Bow Gloves

19 Jan

Handschuhe Final

Handschuhe Collage

YOU NEED: Red gloves, two white bows, white pearls

YOU DO: Sew the white bow on the top of the glove.

Then take one big pearl and sew it on the top middle of the white bow.

Take the small white pearls and sew them on the rest of the glove.

The result looks amazing! Be sure that everyone will ask you where you got them…

Red Gloves


DIY – Rose hair band

2 Jan

Mirrow, mirrow on the wall who is the fairest of them all?

La Kukita

YOU NEED: Hair circlet with prongs, plastic roses in red and white, golden beads caps, transparent flexible string

YOU DO: Take the transparent string and spin all the pieces around the hair circlet


Foto 1


DIY – Chanel Inspired Ring

14 Dec

Coco Chanel – that is her name… Who does not want to have a little piece of her style?

Now you can!



Coco Chanel earring, a ring, white pearls, black beads and transparent nylon string


1.Place the Coco Chanel earring in the middle of the ring and bind it with the transparent nylon string

2. Then put black beads into one nylon string and place it around the ring

3. Repeat the step with the white pearls

4. Make sure that the breads and pearls are tight to the ring


Coco Chanel Ring Collage

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