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Pop-up stores at the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week

26 Feb

At the 080 Barcelona Fashion Show I had the opportunity to not only enjoy the designer Celia Vela’s show as you could see in the previous post, but also could explore and meet local designers at their pop-up stores.

Collage 3

Here are some of my favourites that I discovered:

Formentera Lady & Co


The designer Claudia D’ Anca was inspired to create jewellry on the island Formentera. She lived there for many years and the magic island helped her to transform her emotions into forms and colours. That is why she created her first jewellry collection inspired by the beautiful small island Formentera.

And since then, all Formentera Lady & Co jewellry collections have been inspired by the natural beauty of the island and its flowers and colours. Her designs are also influenced by her love for Art-Deco, Orientalism and African Art.

Every single piece is made with great care and attention, which makes them special and unique.

To find out more about her, have a look at the website: http://www.formenteraladyandco.com/ or her Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/formenteraladybisuteria

Tass Joies

Joyas de Tass, íntegramente realizada y diseñada en Tass Joies SCP.

The designers of Tass Joies find inspiration from many different places for their collection, and the breathtaking results can be seen in their jewellry creations that are shaped like islands, trees, dreams etc.   The unique jewellry is made of high-quality materials like silver, gold and is designed and made in Barcelona.

If you want to see more of their amazing designs check out: http://www.tassjoies.com/es/joyas#!joyas/c1p9k

Alexia Grustan


Alexia Grustan brings old and used textiles back to life.

Alexia Grustan wanted to do something to symbolise a protest against the throwaway society we live in and give used clothes a second chance. With her ambition and her creativity she started to recycle used textiles and to create something new out of them.

All her exclusive items including bags, necklaces, bracelets, belts and accessories for shoes are recycled and handmade.

I felt in love with her designs and I totally support the idea of recycling. I myself recycled one necklace. You can find the post:  La Kukita’s style – Handmade Recycled Jewelry

To find out more about her, have a look at the website: http://www.alexiagrustan.com/

La Juana


Nowadays if you want to find high-quality shoes that are still 100 per cent handmade, you have to search hard.  So it’s good that the Spanish brand La Juana offers handmade quality shoes. The story behind the brand is amazing as well as the designs themselves.

In 2010, when the crisis hit the country, many people lost their jobs and so did Juanvi, Alex and Natalia. To fight back against the crisis, the three friends had the brilliant idea to make high-quality shoes. They went to study and practice traditional shoemaking processes and their origins. Finally, the brand La Juana was born.

Since then, the shoes have been produced entirely in Spain, using high-quality materials. The designs are a mix of Mediterranean and Modern style and come in any given colour.

If you stop by their little workshop in Salzadella, Castellón and pick the color and the type of shoe you would like to have, they will make a personalised and exclusive shoe just for you.

Have a look at their online shop: http://www.lajuanashop.com/shop/ or become a fan on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/lajuanashop



Have you even wished to have one dress and transform it into several different ones? The brand Milles offers multifunctional dresses which you can easily transform into around 10 different looks!!

Next to the multifunctional dresses they have beautiful heart cut out shirts.

33     33-blusa-calada

Have a look at their online shop: www.Milles.es


La Kukita at the 080 Barcelona Fashion Show

19 Feb

One week before the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week Autumn – Winter 2014\15 I received a message from a lovely lady from the Spanish newspaper LaVanguardia that was saying that I was invited to join the Barcelona Fashion Show in el Born Centre Cultural to see the designer Celia Vela. I could not believe my eyes…This made my day and the whole week!

As soon as I got the invitation I start thinking about my outfit for that day. I wanted to find something that represents me. Finally, I picked blue pants with a white chiffon blouse and a white jacket. To my look I added vintage shoes and a clutch made by myself. To complete my look I decided to wear my handmade necklace. My look was ready and so was I.

Finally, the day of the 080 Barcelona Fashion Show arrived. Outside El Born Centre Cultural you could feel the Fashion Fever in the air. Journalists, Promoters, Stylists and Fashionistas, there were all there between the pop – up stores and the entrance of the building. Inside El Born Centre Cultural you could make your hair and make-up done by professional stylists and taste some Moritz beer, special beer from Barcelona.

080 Barcelona Fashion Week Collage 1

Around 30 minutes before the actual show of Celia Vela you could see the waiting line slowly growing. All journalists, fashionistas and VIP’s could not wait the show to begin. After everyone took their seats the magnificent show started with the famous Spanish model Andrés Velencoso who presented the new collection for men. At the end of the show all the models came out together with the designer Celia Vela to give a big applause for her work.

Have a look at the Fashion Show of Celia Vela: Celia Vela

Once the show of Celia Vela was over the guests could walk around and explore all the nice things at the pop- up stores, which have been only accessible for the special guests of the Fashion Show. There you could find so many amazing local designers. In the upcoming post you will know more about them.

080 Barcelona Fashion Week 2


080 Barcelona Fashion Show Autumn – Winter 2014\15

12 Feb

This year’s 080 Barcelona Fashion Show Autumn – Winter 2014\15 took place in the most historic place, in El Born Centre Cultural in Barcelona. One can say that it is like a “city within a market”. It is a hub for the neighborhood as well as for the Catalan culture. El Born Centre Cultural represents and shows the life of Barcelona during the events from 1700. It is a place full of perspectives on the inhabitants of Barcelona through the three centuries, it is nearly magical. No wonder that this was the right place for 080 Barcelona Fashion Show.

During the week from 27.  until  31. January the whole capital of Catalunya was in Fashion Fever. All well-known Spanish brands and designers were present and showed their new collection for the upcoming autumn- winter 2014\2015. The Spanish designers didn’t spare any cost and booked reknowned international models like Irina Shayk, Alessandra Ambrosio, Sara Sampaio, Andrés Velencoso, Jon Kortajarena to represent their brands.

One can said for sure, the colors that dominated the 080 Barcelona Fashion Show Autumn – Winter 2014\15 were innocent white, neutral grey, chocolate brown, elegant black,  romantic pink, passion red,  sea blue and spring green.

Here my review of some well – known brands and designers and my favourite outfits of the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week Autumn- Winter 2014\15.

Mango opened the 080 Barcelona Fashion Show Autumn – Winter 2014\15 on a Monday evening with the famous Victoria Secret’s Model Alessandra Ambrosio. The new collection was dominated by white and black but also warm brown colours as well as the famous jeans look.

Mango 1

Mango 4

Mango 3       Ready to Wear Fall/Winter 2014-2015

More Pictures: Mango 080 Barcelona Fashion Autumn – Winter 2014\15

I got the amazing opportunity to join this years’s 080 Barcelona Fashion Show Autumn – Winter 2014\15 to see the designer Celia Vela from Barcelona. She used in her “Rock” Autumn – Winter collection her typical colors, mainly black and grey. I think, that especially her designed tights with prints will make the next winter sexy.



The collection of Miriam Ponsa had in my opinion some parts that had a touch of Arabic look. The elegant hat with the scarf  is the eye – catcher for me and this trendy accessory keeps you warm during cold and windy winter days.

Miriam Ponsa        Miriam Pensa

More Pictures: Celia Vela, Josep Abril, Miriam Ponsa

Desigual followed their well – known motto “La vida es chula” (“Life is cool”) and presented their Autumn-Winter Fashion 2014\15 as colorful as usual, followed by typical Desigual patterns. Especially the accessories like tassels earrings and shoes were really chulas!

Desigual     Desigual 5

Desigual 4     Desigual 2

More Pictures: Desigual 080 Barcelona Fashion Autumn – Winter 2014\15

I just felt in love with the collection of Yerse. Winter white and chocolate brown are my favorite winter colors! White scarf and boot socks to a brown elegant hat are adding a special touch to the look.

Yerse         Yerse 2

Justicia Ruano, the designer from Andalusia used high quality fabrics and new colours like mandarin and lila as well as the materials silk and lurex to create very classic forms. As we can see it totally worked out!

Justicia Ruano         Justicia Ruano 3

Justicia Ruano 2

Manuel Bolaño surprised the guests at the 080 Barcelona Autumn – Winter Fashion Show 2014\15 with his new collection that was presented with combinations of a mixture of patterns and colors creating astonishing looks.

Manuel Bolano 2         Manuel Bolanio

Custo Barcelona presented in his new Autumn – Winter Fashion Show 2014\15 a collection consisting of a total of 72 looks! The catalan designer Custo Dalmau used a whole pallet of typical winter colors mixed with vivid colors. He combined black, grey and beige with lila and other warm and gentle colors.

Custo         Custo  2

Sporty people that want to add a bit of glamour to their looks and to follow their own way of fashion are the customers of the designer Krizia Robustella. In her new collection she took sport garmets of the last decades and created amazing new looks. I love her collection!

She offers her collection with affordable prices in her online store: http://www.kriziarobustella.com/kriziarobustella/buyonline

Robustella         Robustella 4

Robustella 3         Robustella  2

I really like the new “wild side” collection of Núria Bisbal, the designer of the brand Aldomartins. With its long dresses and coats it feels like going back to the 70’s. The designer mixed ethnic, floral, geometric and animal prints just the right way and created a collection full of colors and contrast.

Nuria Bisbal         Nuria Bisbal 2

Aldomartins Nuria Birbal

More pictures: Aldomartins, Txell Miras and Lebor Gabala

Last one is my favourite, Isabel Toledo. She creates such classic designs that even Michelle Obama can not resist. With the amount of elegance that she put in her new collection you can feel yourself like First Lady.

Toledo       toledo 1

toledo 2

All pictures of 080 Barcelona Fashion Show Autumn – Winter 2014\15  you can find here: 080 Barcelona Fashion Show Autumn – Winter 2014\15 Collection of all Designers

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