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Macrame Design – Mamachavaya Style

30 Jan

You love handmade accessories? You like accessories in macrame style?  Mamachavaya macrame is the name when it comes to macrame.


I met the designer of Mamachavaya while I was working over the summer in Intimissimi store in Barcelona. I saw her immediately when she entered the shop since she had her own style and this is what I liked about her. I started a conversation by giving her a compliment about her cool style and her accessories she was wearing that day. She told me that she is a designer and that she creates all the eye-catching accessories. Thanks to a friend from Brasil who introduced her in the world of macrame design she started to create and sell those pieces at different festivals.

Mireia sells her beautiful designs on different festivals in Europe but you can buy her selected pieces on Etsy.com http://www.etsy.com/shop/MaMachavaya.













Papup – Retro Style Accessories

8 May

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While walking through Fira per la Terra in Barcelona which took place a few days ago (see post from 23 April 2013) I stopped by a tent that caught my interest. A woman sold retro style accessories like bags, wallets, organizers made of old magazines and photos and each one was different and a small piece of a vast, complicated puzzle.

The woman, Julie is the designer and the producer of the lovely Papup products. The raw material for each Papup product is obtained by recycling and reinterpreting antique graphic material, dug out of flea markets and granny’s armoires, from here and there. The paper becomes the canvas on which the story is laid. A plastic layer gives it protection and resistance, while the finishing touch makes it stronger, forward shaping its mood. The result is a unique, well thought out product with a retro touch.

I was impressed by her idea and felt in love with her lovely handmade pieces.

Unfortunately she has no local shop, she sells her products on different fairs around Barcelona.

But the good news is that if you would like to have one of the retro style accessories you can go and check out her online shop on http://www.etsy.com/shop/Papup where she sells a small range of her accessories.

To find out where she will be on the next fair in Barcelona check out her blog: http://papupproducciones.blogspot.com.es/.

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