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DIY – Rose hair band

2 Jan

Mirrow, mirrow on the wall who is the fairest of them all?

La Kukita

YOU NEED: Hair circlet with prongs, plastic roses in red and white, golden beads caps, transparent flexible string

YOU DO: Take the transparent string and spin all the pieces around the hair circlet


Foto 1

How to get a beautiful summer skin?

5 Jun

Do you want to look fabulous this summer? Do you want to have a healthy brown skin colour?

Then read this:

There are two ways that you should combine to achieve that goal:

1. Protect your skin with natural sun protection creme.

The two creams that I can suggest are from the brands Lavela and Dr. Hauschka. The reason why I always suggest to use natural sun creme is because it gives you the protection that you need and keeps your skin beautiful. The ingredients like plant essences and natural essential oils care for and stabilise sun-stressed skin.

Long time before using natural sun protection I got spots in my face and on my body when using other sun protection cremes. If you have this problem as well use a natural sun protection creme.

It is:

  • 100% free of  artificial preservatives, fragrances or colorants
  • 100% natural essential oils
  • good to your skin



You can find those natural sun protection products only in a Health Food Store or online.

2. Eat special food during the summer that helps you to develop a healthy brown skin colour.

Tomatoes, carrots, watermelons and olive oils are supporting your skin from the inside.

Tomatoes have special ingredients that make you more active, awake and protect you from the sun.

Carrots, watermelons and olive oils are good against wrinkles, sun allergy and sunburn.

With this special tips nothing can go wrong. Enjoy the sunshine and keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

With Love,

La Kukita

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