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080 Barcelona Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015/16 – Opposites Attract by Lebor Gabala

16 Feb

Lebor Gabala’s new collection “Opposites Attract” was inspired by the sixties look and the hippie movement. Very short or very long skirts and dresses combined with thick knit sweaters and gauzy chiffon garments. Urban clothing with rustic finishes and silk mixed with sportswear, a collection of contrasts that moved between opposing ideas.

A collection to fall in love with!

Vidoe Source: Fashion Channel – Milano

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La Kukita at the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week Fall – Winter 2015/16

15 Feb

Last week, from the 2nd of February until the 5th of February 2015, the city of Barcelona had Fashion Fever yet again.

The 15th bi-annual 080 Barcelona Fashion Show took place at the famous Barcelona Maritime Museum, where designers and brands, some of them for the first time, showed their Fall – Winter 2015/16 collection.

This time I wanted to see as much designers and brands as possible and due to my hard work and a bit of luck I got so many invitations that I was totally flattered.

Based on the collections presented at the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week I can truly say that the upcoming Fall – Winter 2015/16 season will not only consists of the usual colors of the time of the year, black and grey, but it will bring more brightness and colors into our lives. To all fashionistas, we can look forward for the next upcoming colorful Fall/Winter fashion season.

During the last week I truly enjoyed every single fashion show and I hope you will enjoy reading about the Spanish Designers and Brands as well.

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