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DIY Beauty – Coconut and Sesame Oil

22 Aug

DIY Beauty – Coconut and Sesame Oil

Before I recommend something to others I like to try it out myself first, especially when it comes to beauty advice.

Therefore, you can be sure that I am not just posting something that I heard or read about, but I tried it myself and have seen positive results. I would like to share my positive experience of two oils, coconut and sesame oil for making you more beautiful than you already are.

The most important thing is that you should use natural coconut and sesame oil. You find the oil in a Health Food Store.


Coconut Oil

Picture: madeofmuscle.net

When I lived in Ireland I went to a Health Food Store to look for organic hair masks. I could not find  any and so I went to ask the lovely shop assistant if they have any available in-store. She told me I should try a simple and effective natural hair mask – Coconut Oil. I followed her advice and I can tell you that the effect is amazing and I love the coconut scent it leaves in my hair.

Coconut Oil + Hair

In the evening, wash your hair with shampoo once (I usually wash my hair twice with shampoo, therefore I wash my hair only applying the shampoo once) so all the dirt from the hair can be washed out. Take some coconut oil (if it is not liquid, warm it up in a bowl) and apply to your wet hair. Then close your eyes and do a small head massage. The smell of the coconut oil and the head massage will relax you and give you a good feeling. Once you are done with the head massage, leave the oil in your hair and put a cotton towel over your pillow before you go to sleep. Working with oil can be messy and therefore it is better to cover your pillow, so it stays clean. During an 8 hours sleep the oil has the chance to benefit our hair the most.  The only thing that you have to do is just have a good night’s rest.

In the morning you should wash the coconut oil out of your hair and wash your hair at least twice. Therefore, you can make sure that the oil gets out of your hair and you will not have any oil residue in your hair. Trust me! If you don’t wash it well enough, your hair will look oily and this is not the effect you want to have.

After washing your hair, just dry it normally, by avoiding the use of any chemical products. You will see the effect immediately.

The effects that I experienced were:

  • I could brush my long hair easier
  • My hair looked more shiny and healthier (for the whole summer long I did not use any chemical products to protect my long blonde hair, just coconut oil)
  • Applying the coconut oil once a week I could see that my hair grew faster



Coconut Oil

Picture: blog.dolledup.ie


Coconut Oil + Body

The good thing about the coconut oil is that you could use it not only for hair but apply it to your whole body. Before taking a shower apply the coconut oil and then take the shower without using too much shower gel or soap. The reason why you should use it before the shower is, that the oil needs to combine with water and then it has the powerful effect. You could also apply the oil after taking a shower. You just have to make sure, that you apply the oil before drying your body with the towel.

The coconut oil smells good and makes your body look good. Besides that it provides your body with enough moisture.

Coconut Oil + Make-up Remover

This is the perfect make-up remover for me. Take a make–up remover pad and wet it. Put a drop or two of the coconut oil on the pad and apply it on your face to remove make–up. It works perfectly by removing make-up from your eyes and face. Another positive effect is that your eyelashes will grow faster.


Sesame Oil


Picture:  thebodyshop-usa.com


This oil has been used for hundreds of years. If you are familiar with Ayurveda medicine, the traditional Hindu medicine, you will know that they used sesame oil to heal their bodies.


Sesame Oil and the Body

Apply the oil exactly like the coconut oil. You will get a better effect when applying the oil before you take a shower.

Sesame oil has a neutral smell. Not only does it provide the body with enough moisture, it also helps you avoid infections.


Sesame Oil and the Nose – especially in the cold winter time

I got this useful advice from my grandma. Due to the climate conditions in the winter, not only does our skin suffer but also our nose. Our nose can dry out and therefore my grandma told me to use sesame oil as nose spay.  Just put the sesame oil in an empty nose spray bottle and apply it before going to bed.  It works perfectly for me and helps me to avoid getting sick.

Sesame Oil

Picture: savingdinner.com

Now you know my little beauty secret. I wish you a lot of enjoyment and enough time to relax!

La Kukita


Inderum – The new concept of pop-up stores

1 Apr

Inderum – the new concept of pop up stores 

La Kukita Inderum

Last weekend, from 21 – 23 March 2014, a special event took place in one of the luxurious apartments of Barcelona, at Sixtyfour Apartments in Passeig the Gracia.

This new concept of pop up stores combines art, fashion, design and culture. The idea is to give emerging designers the opportunity to present their products to a wide audience and support locally – produced products. Therefore, the organizers of the Inderum event, Maribel Casado and Cristina Blasquiz, carefully selected 40 exclusive local brands and designers to present their unique products to the guests.

The visitors were entertained with activities and promotion of all kinds. There, you could have your nails done, discover the latest fashion trends from local designers, get inspired by artists and taste local food specialties.

I had the perfect chance to meet different type of people, get to know each brand and talk with the designers in person.

Here are some of my favorites:

Unique Jewelry made by Two S Barcelona

two s collage 2

 After spending a long period of his life in Jordan, the designer and founder of the jewelry brand Two S, Samer Santiago decided to move and live in Barcelona.

Inspired by his beloved country and the magical city Barcelona, he started to create jewelry that represented his feelings. The brand Two S was born with the goal to offer jewelry with a mix of Western modernity and the traditional world of the East.

The philosophy is to merge modern and traditional world and combine it into one. The designer gets his inspirations from the architecture of famous buildings and represents it in his creations.

The name Two S comes from the 2 “S”’s in his initials Samer Santiago, but the letter “S” stands also for sensation, sensitivity, sense and survival…

The designer is using new and alternative materials as well as diamonds in his creations. Each piece is carefully handcrafted and therefore exclusive and unique. In his new collection he includes tropical wood materials like cocobolo and kingwood.

two s collage

Source:  Two S

“Multi” Collection:

For the collection “Multi”,  the shapes of the famous building of Gaudi in Barcelona la Casa Milla (“La Pedrera”) was used as inspiration.

The set of earrings, ring and the necklace are a mix of colors: black, grey and pink, and come with a small diamond.

 pedrera 3 pedrerapedrera 2


Source: Two S

“Roseta” Collection:

Inspired by the little rose window of Gothic architecture in Paris, the Sainte Chappelle, the “Roseta” collection was created.

It is a set of diamond earrings and ring in black and grey.
roseta 1               roseta 2


 Source:  Two S

“Rock” Collection:

One of the most famous sites in the world, Stonehenge in England, was the inspiration for the collection “Rock”.

The pendant (pen-drive) has the shape of a rock and you can use it as a USB stick since it comes with an integrated chip with total space of 4GB.


Rock 1

Rock 2


 Source: Two S


Are you curious to see more of Two S collection? Check out the webpage.


Dresses made by Iconic Barcelona

La Kukita dress

Their concept is amazing like the dresses themselves. They are continually looking for new designers out there by running design contests. Iconic customers and followers can vote for their favorite designs and decide which dress will win.

Iconic will create and sell the dress of the designer that wins the contest. In that way, Iconic is helping new upcoming designers to get visibility in the fashion world. Currently they are running an ethnic contest until 30 April. If you would like to vote check it out on ICONIC Barcelona.

The clothes are all made based on conscious, ethical and ecological criteria in Barcelona using high – quality fabrics. The collection is very limited, so you can be sure that you probably won’t see someone on the street wearing the same dress as you!

If you get a dress from ICONIC, the designer team is more than curious to know how it will look on you. Therefore, you are welcome to post a photo of you and your dress on their Facebook Page  or send it directly to them via email info@iconicbarcelona.com.

If you want to know more about ICONIC Barcelona check out their webpage.


Handmade Swimsuits by Santa Maria Design

Santa Maria Design Collage

 Two sisters and two souls with a passion for swimwear united as one brand, called Santa Maria Design.

The swimwear of Santa Maria Design is designed for a woman who is looking for a comfortable piece without sacrificing  elegance and uniqueness. A woman who wants to express her natural beauty and still feel comfortable while bathing on a sunny day.

The cute swimwear is available either in cotton or lycra and is handmade in Barcelona. They offer their unique and limited items in selected stores in Barcelona and in Menorca and Mallorca.

I fell in love with their new swim collection. If I see their new swimsuit in yellow I won’t be able to wait for the summer to come!

You can find their new collection on their website or on Facebook.


Customized shoes made by Custom & Chic

Custom and Chic

 Have you ever dreamed about to design your own shoe, choose the shape and the color you like and make it so unique so only you will wear it?

Then you should read carefully my next words… That perfect design inside your head will become a reality. With the motto “create your own shoes and Spanish artisans will bring life to your creations” Custom & Chic is revolutionizing the online shoe market. You get the right tools to design your dreamed shoes so your dreams come true.

The Custom & Chic website allows its users to become designers allowing them to create their own shoes according to their likings and preferences. In this way, the website offers an extensive range of possibilities: You can choose different leathers and textures, accessories and ornaments, and a wide range of models: peep toes, pumps, ankle boots, ballerinas, etc. combining them with different heels, straps and openings. You can create every type of shoe that you wish, simple and easy.

To get some shoes design inspirations you can check the column “Inspirations by customers who designed their shoes”. To give you a help in the designing shoe process you can check out the helpful videos or you can just get a pair of shoes created by the celebrities.

Everything in regards of creating the dream shoe is possible in the world of Custom & Chic. Check out their Facebook Page.

The rising star in sneakers made by BCN Brand

bcn brand 3

 BNC Brand has the concept “Think global, be local” and the ambitious goal to make BCN Brand sneakers the next sneaker star around the world!

These sneakers are made out of authentic natural leather and individually hand-dyed. The exclusive footwear is produced locally in Spain and is being distributed around the world. Fresh and casual, but elegant at the same time, this brand aims to evoke eternal colorful summers and also add a heritage touch without being retro.

bcn brand 2

 Step into those sneakers and let the shoe party begin!

If you want to wear the same sneakers celebrities like Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Reese Witherspoon and others, check out their webpage and Facebook page.


Handmade recycled accessories by Alexia Grustan

Alexia Grustan

I just love her creations, her colorful bags and her accessories. Currently, she has started to recycle clothes by bringing them back to life.

If you want to know more, check out my previous post about Alexia Grustan where I met her at the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week


Carefully selected cosmetic products by My Nice Shop

My Nice Shop Collage 2

My Nice Shop is a small online shop that was founded by Fátima Carrión.

Her mission is to provide organic products exclusively selected from all over the world. Small companies that provide products by taking care of the sustainability of the planet are more than welcome to become suppliers. In the section “marcas” they explain why they fell in love with each of the brands that they offer for their clients.

There you can find for example organic tooth paste from Italy or perfume from the U.S.

They only ship their products to Spain and Europe, but if you live in another country and you like to order you can contact them personally via email and they can arrange something for you.

If you have any questions in regards to beauty you are always welcome to contact them via email at hola@myniceshop.com

Follow them on Facebook to stay informed about their special promotions or check out their online shop.


Creative nails by Montserrat Ruiz Ligero 

monserrat 2 

If you want to get your nails done in Barcelona, there are only a few places that provide special services; one of them is Creative Nails. Montserrat Ruiz Ligero provides nail parties at your home.  You can book her for a home nails party and enjoy your manicure in a nice atmosphere together with your friends. You don’t have to worry about anything since she will bring all the tools directly to your place.

She offers in her portfolio all kind of services, starting with a simple manicure and pedicure until getting your nails done with offering the new nail trend by Vinylux. The prices start from 15 Euros on and if you get more than three things done you and your friends will receive a bottle of wine and chocolate, so the nail party will continue with a lot fun!

You can contact her via Facebook.

nails saray

If you want to know more about this new concept of pop-up stores, Inderum and the upcoming events here you go:

Check out the official webpage of Inderum, their Facebook page or Twitter .



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14 May

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