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Be a Cinderella

31 Mar

Just for a day…be a Cinderella…with these beautiful dresses and shoes it is possible…

Every man’s dream

30 Mar

Every man that is crazy about soccer dreams of having a special place for a collection of his favourite team with the team members and singed fancards and challenge cups…

To have an oven as a soccer ball is priceless… 😉

It’s gonna be a HOT SUMMER, A HOT HOT SUMMER!!!

28 Mar
It’s gonna be a HOT SUMMER, A HOT HOT SUMMER!!!
Get ready for the best time of the year with the colourful tops and show your beautiful body to the world… Here some ideas how to make it through hot summer days and nights…

Jewelly made in Barcelona

27 Mar
I love jewelly, especially when it is handmade. Unfortunately most of the times handmade means expensive as well…But there are some places in the world where you can find handmade jewelly for a good price. The place is called THR in B@rcelon@…
There you will find necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and pins in all different colours and shapes. 

The unique designs are available from 10 Euros up…Sooo definitely a good place to stop by when you are in the magic city…
My choice was a yellow ring combined with blue earrings..Take a look…



To find the way to the shop in Barcelona check out the website: 

For ALL the other jewelly lovers living abroad and not being able to come to Barcelona soon contact me if you like to have such piece of art. 

1. Tell me the colour and the type of jewelly you would like to have
2. I will look and send you the photos of the designs via email or facebook
3. If you like one of the designs, we can arrange the payment and the shipment to your home


Good morning sunshine…

26 Mar


Traffic Signs of Barcelona

25 Mar

Calm sunday

24 Mar
Today is sunday and everyone has time to relax and calm down so I was thinking to post a picture that sends out this message…
Time to meditate and chill out…


La Kukita’s outfits

22 Mar

Well, instead of only sharing the latest trends with you I was thinking to present myself with the trends…;-) Here you go…

My going out outfit: Leopard party dress combined with a black blazer and a necklace in gold/orange…

My casual outfit: Zebra blazer with a green top combined with leggins and sneakers

My work outfit: Zerba dress with black tights and black pumps combined with a dark blue bag

We are going wild this spring

21 Mar
We are going wild this spring…animal prints like zebra, leopard and snake are totally IN...

Do it as my friend and make your own clutch in leopard print…Make something unique, a piece that only you will wear…

Check out her blog about do-it-yourself, Jazz music and many more interesting posts: (ahora solo en español) 🙂



Liquid Art

21 Mar


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